Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Facebook re-designs again....people complain, again.

Just read a "article" on Mashable which surprised me as much for it's lack of literary sophistication as for the very fact that it was published by what I'd come to think of a reputable industry blog.

The article, in which the author details his displeasure with the recent twitter-esque Facebook re-design, claims that FB has become "a lot less useful" than before, specifically bemoaning the fact that the applications that he (and presumable others) develop for Facebook won't be as viral as before.

Maybe part of his argument is valid. But here's the thing (and the teenagers and soccer moms who have loudly complained about each passing Facebook update would be well served to take notice as well)...Facebook doesn't exist to cater to YOUR idea of how it could, or should, be useful. If Zuckerberg and his minnons decide that they wanna be more like Twitter, then that's what they'd do.

Ultimately, I suppose Mashable is perfectly within their right to print opinion peices. But at the end of the day, that puts it right on par with this blog...and it should really aim higher.

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