Monday, June 15, 2009

Bing - all about the bids.

I decided to test a search campaign on Bing about two weeks ago, to see if this was more than a re-packaged Live Search. I have to admit, Bing is pretty. I like the interface. Search results actually seem more relevant.

Unfortunately, that's where the compliments end.

The most tragic flaw to my campaign, so far, is that I haven't seen an impression yet. Not one. Granted, this is a small campaign, and my bids are low (is it, I may have mentioned...a test).

MSN support has suggested (twice already) that I increase my bids. In fact, they didn't even LOOK at my account before suggesting I give them more the $10+ range. After I responded a second time that no sponsored results are showing up for my keywords when I search on them, they've gone radio silent. Perhaps it's because they were all at Microsoft's Search Summit last week in Washington. Maybe their customer service staff was cut back to help fund the $100 million dollar advertising campaign MSN is running.

I think the most likely answer is that Microsoft has a minimum bid requirement that they don't advertize, which blocks impressions even when no one else is bidding against you.

Anyone know if there's any truth to that?

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