Sunday, June 7, 2009

things you can do with $1500

I accidentally read an article recently in Outside magazine showcasing this summer's sporting "essentials"...a collection of staff picks with obvious advertising origins (there was a full-page Bose sound dock ad a page before one of the editors suggested it was "essential"). I dig subliminal advertising. Even when it's obvious.

What bothered me was that the Senior Editor found it necessary to include his dog in his Fishing Essentials. His $1550 UK chocolate Labrador...breeder website included...length of waiting list included.

The Humane Society estimates that 3-4 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters in america every year. Every would-be pet owner that decides to pay a breeder for the privilege of owning a dog helps keep that number where it is by NOT adopting. The objective of this "essentials" article was to encourage the engaged and trusting readership of Outside magazine to take the staff's advice and invest in the products they suggest. Unfortunately, they not only missed an opportunity to make a positive difference in a lot of dogs lives, but they've probably served to increase the demand for bred animals that are already too highly sought after.

I shared my opinion with the editor, but he seemed offended. Sez he has a rescued dog too. Sez they're gonna delve into the issue of "shelter vs breeder" dogs in their new blog. I'd post a link to it here, but it's lame and one sided, and I'm too responsible for that.

Adopt a dog.


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