Tuesday, February 3, 2009

getting to know your employees - Exxon Edition

ExxonMobil posted $45.2 billion in annual profit in 2008. Not revenue...profit. Which breaks the previous record for annual profit for a U.S. company of $40.6 billion, set by Exxon a year earlier.

How does a company that's constantly paying million dollar fines for environmental damages still post back-to-back record breaking annual profits? My initial guess would be by gouging consumers at the pumps.

My second guess would be this guy, and an untold number of indonesian workers like him. What do you suppose he makes an hour?


  1. I argue with Jamie about Exxon all the time.

    She claims that they are more evil than the other oil companies.

    I claim that all the oil companies rape the earth for profit, obfuscate better technologies and serve as black-gold drug dealers for the American SUV addicts.

    Singling out Exxon as the worst is like pointing to a guy at a child porn convention and saying "now that guy is the worst type of child pornographer".

  2. except that Exxon makes substantially more profit from raping the earth than the rest of 'em. they also do neat things like fund organizations that try to dispel global warming 'rumors'. i'm guessing exxon is at the top of the EPA's list of offenders too.