Monday, February 2, 2009

Animal adoption is an cause that's close to my heart, in no small part due to the rescued pit-bull that's lounging around my feet under the table as i type this. One of the [few] benefits to my current unemployed status is that we've been able to spend a lot of time together over the last few months and, as her adoptive father, it's endeared her to me to a degree i didn't expect...and hadn't experienced before. I'd like to think she's growing fonder of me too.
Our consistent proximity to each other got me thinking the other day about where she came from. I always assumed, for some reason, that my fiance spent countless hours online jumping from one rescue website to another, making untold calls to tiny local shelters in a reasonable driving radius until she finally located her dream dog. Turns out, i couldn't have been more wrong. (a subsidiary of the Discovery Channel) was, even 4 years ago, the one stop shop for pet adoption. They work with shelters and rescues across the country to provide "real-time" access to their available "inventory"
Admitedlly, it's not the shiny flowing resource that today's web 2.0 users (or social media mavens) are looking for. But if you need a pet, it's the place to look.

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