Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a little collateral damage with your recession?

So it looks like my early retirement plan just took a recession fueled hit. A new gov't report released yesterday suggests that the current economic climate has taken another 4 years off of the expected shelf life of the Social Security trust fund, which will apparently be exhausted in 2037. That seemed like a long time in which to plump up my 401(k) until I remembered that it's been steadily heading the wrong direction.

On the other side of the economic progress coin, Exxon continues to make more profit than any company in the world. But they're not hiring.


  1. I live off the assumption that my retirement age will be in the 70's. Hopefully, it will be around 71 or 72. I will be pleasantly surprised if I get to retire in my 60s.

  2. Morayma and I are already planning our "retirement careers" so we can work until God ushers us to the front of that great unemployment line in the sky.