Thursday, May 14, 2009

my already expired sympathy for american auto-makers just re-expired

According to papers filed in bankruptcy court this morning by Chrysler, they will shutter almost 800 of their dealerships in an effort to streamline the company into profitability, and emerge eventually from bankruptcy as a viable company. That amounts to about %25 of the company's 3100 dealerships.

While I sympathize with the owners and employees that will be forced to scramble to realign their businesses, resumes and finances...those dealerships only account for %14 of Chrysler's sales, so this is a decision that was probably over-due.

In fact, if Chrysler ranked all 3181 of it's dealerships based on sales, and closed the BOTTOM 50% of them, it would only sacrifice 10% of their total sales.

I haven't finished my correspondence program at yet, but the fact that those 50% hadn't already been shut down seems like absurd financial negligence.

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