Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ted Turner owns way more than you think.

Ted Turner gives away a lot of money. He's also lost a lot (billions, reportedly, just in depreciating AOL/Time Warner stock).

His path to success is well documented. He turned a company billboard business into a cable TV company. And then into Turner Broadcasting which included TNT, Turner Classic Movies, CNN, TBS and the Cartoon Network. Merged that company with Time Warner in 1996, which then merged with AOL in 2001 (Turner was Vice-Chairman of Time Warner until 2006). Bought the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks.

But did you know that he's the largest landowner in the country? The 2 million acres he's purchased over the last few decades is larger than the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined (just one ranch in Montana is over 110,000 acres). Ted's motivation seems to be primarily related to his desire to return the american bison from the brink of extinction, although there are some entertaining theories as to what else his agenda might include, including suspicion that he's attempting to control water resources. And some indignation from ranchers in the west who are routinely outbid by Turner for land.

Help Ted out by having a bison burger at any one of his 57 Ted's Montana Grill restaurants around the county. Bison, apparently, is good. And good for you.

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  1. Once Ted infamously told his grandchildren that Santa Claus was dead to prove a point to his family that his routine "meltdowns" were relatively passive compared to his grandchildren's reaction to the bad news their grandfather delivered them.